Gratitude at the post-office

photo-9It took me 2 hours of relentless organizational skills to compile my list of ‘thank you’ cards to  express how grateful I was for everyone who celebrated my collegiate success. 

Between differentiating the 4 gift cards to one store (it’s official, everyone knows that I’m a sucker for Kate Spade) and determining which gift came from who, I now feel relieved to have sent off my gratitude at the post-office! 

Sending cards of appreciation that are thoughtfully hand-written is imperative after graduation! It can become confusing when different people give the same gifts, so here are some tips for how to divide and conquer your letters of gratitude:

1. Have someone, such as a parent, make a check list of who contributed what when you are opening gifts.

2. Have a safe place that you can keep all of the cash, checks and gift cards until you have access to the bank (I used a large Kate Spade wallet to keep everything enclosed). 

3. Tailor each ‘thank you’ card with a very personal message that relates to the gift you were given, even if it’s cash and/or check. For example:

‘Dear Aunt Karen,

Thank you so much for celebrating my collegiate success at my grad party! I especially liked the blouse that you gave me, I have worn it already!’ 

4. When sending the cards, use a label maker or software system that allows you to create your name and address on a sticker to put on the top left side of the envelope. This gives you the perfect professional look on your postage!

5. Last but not least, begin your investment in a lifetime supply of stamps! It won’t be the last cards of appreciation that you send 😉 


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