Less of a Post-Grad and More of a Pro

Pardon my leave of absence, I recently accepted a full-time job in DC! No big deal.

No, this is not a drofferill. It took a summer of post-grad heartache, relentless research, tiresome searches and waiting tables to get here. And, in all honesty, it wasn’t a pretty process. All I ever dreamed about was getting here, and now it’s here.

Let’s get one thing straight –  I started this blog as a way to prove to post-grads that there are necessary steps in this transition of life; you don’t just wear a tassle, plan a party and write thank you cards. But how would you know that? That’s all I ever wrote about. There were painful layers, like psychological effects to changes, and preparing for even bigger ones, that left me stumped.

So, here’s how I did it – I lived and breathed LinkedIn jobs – which you should too. Get searching!

I also drove myself crazy. You shouldn’t do that. Stay motivated, resilient and relentless towards searching, don’t settle and take up an extra hobby (yoga was my saving grace.)

All in all, I can’t imagine anything more life consuming than working for something that you want so badly while dealing with MAJOR change. I’m here, I understand. And there’s hope.


What do you mean, I can’t wear Norts to work?

Norts (noun): Nike shorts; A sorority girl’s daily apparel; Worn with the purpose of exercising, but mainly used to participate in daily activities, including: shopping, eating FroYo and crafting. Image

I have 12 different pairs of Norts, and if you’ve already written me off as obsessive, then maybe you haven’t experienced the comfortable bliss of this campus trend that has created me to be the avid collector that I am.

I’ll never forget the day when I had my first interview with Brock Communications, and spoke with Lisa Brock, principal of Brock Communications, about what I looked forward to in the beginning of my professional career. I confided that the transition of work attire from my daily Norts was an exciting wardrobe change and I was ready to put on my big girl pants (literally). Of course, I’ll also never forget Lisa’s sigh when I actually admitted that I wore Norts on a regular basis outside of the office.

There is no better time than NOW for post-grads to go on a shopping spree that will help them look as sharp as they are. To provide you with a better insight as to what kind of must-have pieces for any work environment, here is a list:

  1. Black suit set is an absolute MUST, especially if you are a PR girl like me! Suits are an investment, so I suggest purchasing separates. Express has amazing quality deals and you can find them for discounted prices at their ‘Express Last Call’ outlet in Orlando.
  2. Flats are for the gal on the go. Although I’m a lover of the high heel, flats are plausible and can be fashionable as well! My Tory Burch flats were a pricy Christmas present, but an amazing wardrobe finish.
  3. Tanks. Tanks. And more tanks. If you’re a Florida native like myself, you will want to stock up on sleek black tanks under your suit before dying of heat exhaustion. Old Navy has them for only four dollars each!

Other resources:

  • Forever 21 now has a, ‘what wear to grad edition’ online section for shopping! Gotta love a store that provides insight on a budget.
  • Follow this blog for fashion and DIY projects on a budget. This blogger is a lover of consignment shopping and knows how to get fabulous finds with even more fabulous prices!
  • Loft has great deals and features a ‘work’ related column online for exclusive outfits!
  • Follow my Pinterest board, ‘Corporate Ladder’ for other career-related insights and outfits!