Less of a Post-Grad and More of a Pro

Pardon my leave of absence, I recently accepted a full-time job in DC! No big deal.

No, this is not a drofferill. It took a summer of post-grad heartache, relentless research, tiresome searches and waiting tables to get here. And, in all honesty, it wasn’t a pretty process. All I ever dreamed about was getting here, and now it’s here.

Let’s get one thing straight –  I started this blog as a way to prove to post-grads that there are necessary steps in this transition of life; you don’t just wear a tassle, plan a party and write thank you cards. But how would you know that? That’s all I ever wrote about. There were painful layers, like psychological effects to changes, and preparing for even bigger ones, that left me stumped.

So, here’s how I did it – I lived and breathed LinkedIn jobs – which you should too. Get searching!

I also drove myself crazy. You shouldn’t do that. Stay motivated, resilient and relentless towards searching, don’t settle and take up an extra hobby (yoga was my saving grace.)

All in all, I can’t imagine anything more life consuming than working for something that you want so badly while dealing with MAJOR change. I’m here, I understand. And there’s hope.